September 2012

The Diamond 60

To commemorate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, we are making a special edition ‘DIAMOND’ divan and mattress set. Just 60 of these unique beds will be made and they will be produced using the finest quality of materials used today including Silk, Cotton, Alpaca Hair and Bamboo.

Each set will also be personalised with your name and limited edition number and made to the size of your choice.


EPOC Bedding was established in the East End of London by Joseph James Cope in 1949. The business was founded with one main priority, to build the finest hand made beds possible.

The business began to grow, along with the reputation for the quality of the products. Divan beds were introduced to the product line, creating more positions within the company. Joseph’s son Geoff was introduced to the business in 1962 and was taught the craft of making hand made mattresses and divan beds by his father, using traditional materials and methods.


All of EPOC’s beds are hand made to each client’s exact requirements.  Here are just some of the bespoke solutions we can craft.

  • Special sizes and shapes
  • Cut-outs for four poster beds
  • Trundle beds
  • Individual tensions
  • Pocket sprung divans
  • Drawer divans
  • Personal embroidery

Challenge Us!

Do you require a bespoke solution?

Why not call today to speak to an expert who can give you friendly advice? 


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