As we spend around a third of our lives asleep, the question should really be – why wouldn’t you want a bespoke bed? A bed made especially for you and your requirements, rather than one made for the masses? Everybody should love their own bed.
Whether you’re wanting a specific size, tension, storage solution or headboard, you can rest assured that it’ well within your reach.

Exclusive bed set from EPOC Handcrafted Beds

Any Size, Any Shape

All of our mattresses and divan bases are made to order, which means we can make beds of any size or shape and all within a matter of weeks.

Make It Your Own

By choosing a bespoke EPOC Handcrafted Bed, you can experience the joy and satisfaction of owning a unique piece of furniture that has been made to your own design and specifications.

Skilled Craftsmen

Our skilled craftsmen will create your own individual bed, completed tailored to your particular size requirements and can incorporate special design features such as storage solutions or a unique headboard shape.

Delivered and Installed

EPOC specialises in and has built up a hugely respected reputation over the last 70 years for designing, making, personally installing and delivering bespoke beds.


We've got your back.

Fully compliant with UK Fire Regulations

Over 70 years of manufacturing excellence

Over 70 years of manufacturing excellence has taught us a thing or two!

Exclusively yours...

No single project for us is the same; make a bed that you can truly call your own.