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We take pride in supplying some of the finest hotels, hotel groups and boutique hotels throughout the UK and beyond.
Whether you’re loking for mattresses, divan bases, headboards or sofa beds, a number of our products have been through additional testing, over and above what is required for domestic environments, to guarantee that they’re contract-ready and fully compliant with UK fire regulations.
Read below to find out how our products are the best-fit for your hotel.
South Sands Hotel in Salcombe

South Sands Hotel

Boundless bliss on a beachfront canvas. Your own slice of South Devon heaven. It’s South Sands, laid back and unfiltered.

Mogford Group

The award winning Old Bank Hotel and Old Parsonage Hotel are two, independently owned 5 star plus quality luxury hotels in central Oxford.

Super Elizabethan model from EPOC Handcrafted Beds in The Room With The View, Old Bank Hotel, Oxford
Monarch bed set from EPOC Handcrafted Beds in a hotel environment

Exclusive Collection

Exclusive Collection, formerly known as Exclusive Hotels and Venues, offer unique collection of hotels and spas, with a golf club, cookery school and pub thrown in for good measure.


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Fully compliant with UK Fire Regulations

Over 70 years of manufacturing excellence

Over 70 years of manufacturing excellence has taught us a thing or two!

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No single project for us is the same; make a bed that you can truly call your own.